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Just Add Time

Once upon a time, people measured time by the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the moon, by the changing seasons, by genealogies, by birth and death. In those days, childbirth and childhood disease, war and plague routinely cut life short, and men imagined magnificent structures, drew up plans, and set to work building great cathedrals they knew full-well they would never live to see completed.

Generations devoted themselves to building such architectural wonders. They built them in hope and labored in faith that generations they would never see would continue to worship God as they did. Many of these structures have stood firm, towering over centuries and generations. Today their pinnacles overlook a landscape of scurrying people - people measuring their time by minutes, seconds, and nanoseconds.

In our time, speed is of the essence. Our heads down, our focus narrow, the wisdom of the ages eludes us. As we focus on maximizing our moments of pride and pleasure, the turning o…

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