An amazing resource...

Okay, I'm on a link jag, I know. This time you can blame David Porter over at

But this site,, has an incredible slection of deeply thoughtful, educational, and culturally/timely relevant audio. I'm sitting here listening to a discussion on how our modern culture trains us to be cynical, and how we as believers can be aware of it, and combat it in our own lives. There are hundreds of such things available, to listen to online or download to MP3. (By the way, in case you were wondering, this is not an affiliate of Mars Hill Church.)

This is a really incredible resource.


David Porter said…
Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the link. I am glad you are enjoying Mars Hill Audio. To top things off, Ken Myers, the founder of Mars Hill Audio, is a great guy!

The Extreme Makeover, during the next few day should also be interesting blog fodder. Keep your eyes peeled.

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