Hippies like us

Have you ever noticed that the folks in the natural food stores seem to be either "hippies" - or Christians.?

Have you ever noticed that Libertarians seem to often be either very left wing - or very right wing?

Paul and I have often commented upon how often "hippies" and Christians find themselves on the same side of things for entirely different reasons. Like the midwife I consulted with (in case of a miracle) - she was a midwife with an acupuncturist/herbologist husband - your standard earth-mother. She smiled with approval that I would refuse to undergo invasive testing to identify if my hypothetical child would be in some way sub-standard, and that I would refuse abortion no matter what. I knew we were on the same page.

I noticed back in my homeschool days, because I homeschooled through a public school district rather than independently, that the homeschool families were fairly evenly divided between Christians and "hippie types".And now I submit to you this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20080904/sc_livescience/outtherepeoplewholivewithouttv&printer=1;_ylt=ApngikWXaCXaNi1ynJ0rcuuzvtEF

(Oh, and through all of this understand the term "hippie" to be a loose term, not necessarily implying pot smoking, tie-die, and the Grateful Dead - or anything derogatory at all- but in the same sense as referred to in the above link.)

Oh, and also by the way. I'm doing an experiment where I try cross-posting to both of my blogs, to simplify things for friends on Blogger, 'cause I noticed you can't track a LiveJournal blog on Blogger - unless you can and I'm just too stupid to figure it out.


Jeri said…

I've thought about suggesting to you that you move to blogger. I've just about decided to do the same, as soon as I get my other website ready to go again.

I think you can do a lot more here, both with the look of your site and its functionality; it's nice to have the sidebar and other "informational" links. (Thanks for the link!)

You may also find yourself more inspired to post more regularly. Anyway, I think it's a good idea and it looks nice so far!

So about the hippie/libertarian/people who live without tv/homeschooler thing... that's a good observation. Another group would be the folks who are getting "back to the land."
Laurie M. said…
I'm mostly dragging my feet because of a few folks on my livejournal friends list, and because it kind of feels like leaving the last two years behind. I wish there was a way to switch all the old stuff over too. Oh well.

But you're right, there's just so much more to do over here, and easier, and so much prettier, I think.

And as to the "back to the land" folks, they seem to be where the two groups meet in the middle. We have several families in our church that fall somewhat into that category - and so would I, if I had the land.
Aaron said…
What did you mean by "track on Blogger"? Did you see I have a link to Paul's LiveJournal on my sidebar?
Laurie M. said…
You'll notice I also said: "unless you can and I'm just too stupid to figure it out". Which would explain why I couldn't figure it out. (I tried a couple of times and it wouldn't take.) I hadn't noticed you were on blogger, 'cause I'm not always paying attention to things like that. I only just figured out Blogger & Blogspot were related a day or two ago.
Angela said…

I've been noticing this for years! We still have TV for movies and science and history dvds. Homeschooling, crunchy, back-to-the-land mom embarrassed of her political party. That's me. Should I be concerned?

Laurie M. said…

You ask, "Should I be concerned?"

I don't think so - well, unless you've got a sudden urge to treat your family's common ailments with marijuana, or something like that.
Andi said…
You're not supposed to do that? ;)
Laurie M. said…

Check Titus again, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that (unless someone's undergoing chemo or something, in which case, it is suddenly legal and all bets are off);)

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