Kitchen, before pics

Oh, and a picture of my dear husband and poor Mao, yesterday - a much happier day for being Mao.

For those who expressed an interest (ie. Jeri), here are a couple of pictures of my kitchen before the paint job. So, hopefully, in a few weeks I'll have some after shots. I've started with the cabinets (which I blogged about this morning), then plan to do the walls in pretty green and yellow.


Andy C said…
One cannot help but notice the cat in all the pictures. Is that you recently written about assistant?
Laurie M. said…
We have 3 cats. The one in the top pic is seldom photographed, because he's very reserved, but he's yesterday's culprit. I would have expected it to be Napoleon (the black cat). He's the troublemaker and in the middle of everything. The big orange one on the table is Mango.
Angela said…
Oh, that white cabinet with the glass doors is cute. Where did you find that? Or is it a built in?
Laurie M. said…
Angela, I found that in Andi's breezeway. She was going to get rid of it. I'm still deliberating whether to make that black as well, or give it a fresh coat of white. I'll end up making it black, too.
jeri said…
Thanks for the pictures, Laurie. Your house is really cute--can't wait to see how that black looks (it'll be great, I can tell already.)

When I was growing up we had 16 cats at our house for one brief moment of time (several grown cats and a couple of litters!) My mom was the cat lady. Sometimes I've been the cat lady too. Right now we're down to one, feels strange.

I owe you an email; my laptop problems are resolved and I'm catching up. Love ya!
Laurie M. said…
16 cats! It makes me hyperventalate to think of it. Our house is so tiny that three seems like a lot. There's always a cat somewhere, not to mention the two dogs.

I can't wait for your e-mail. Would you fill it with prayers and encouragement please? I'm sick with a cold, but have to work anyway, and our finances are so strapped at the moment that we feel like we're sinking.

By the way, it's great to finally see a picture of you! Now I've got a face to put with my thoughts and prayers. I'll be praying for you on your difficult anniversary tomorrow. It's four years today, on a morning just like this, that my life turned upside down as well. Blessings to you and your family.

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