Trig's 15 minutes has gone a long way...

This little moment of fame for one Downs Syndrome child has apparently already accomplished a lot. It's got an influential group of Canadian doctors up in arms with concern that seeing this child might prevent mothers from aborting their possibly Downs Syndrome infants:

Election politics aside, and opinions of Sarah Palin aside, (and I will refuse to discuss election politics on my blog as well as in most other places) I must say that , this has been a golden moment for Downs Syndrome children, those living and those not-yet conceived. As a woman at high "risk" for giving birth to such a child, should I by some miracle actually conceive in the first place, I'm glad to see anything that would make the world a more welcoming place for my hypothetical Downs Syndrome child, and of course for those very real, living and breathing children who are truly just the remnants - the 10% or so who have survived this particular secret holocaust.


Angela said…
Well said. We just read that together as a family. Thanks for the link.


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