We missed it...

We missed the big one, the big holiday, the one we've been waiting for all year... National Punctuation Day. Apparently it was on September 24. Well, my theory is this: Paul went and whited it out of my calendar so I couldn't use it as an excuse to tease him for being anti-comma.

Click here for the hilarious thoughts of a professional copy editor about this under-appreciated day: http://www.boundlessline.org/2008/09/lapsing-into-a.html.


Anonymous said…
Well I missed it too. You can tell by my abuse of the comma in my last post! One of these days I'll master that little guy. Good thing I bailed on that English major thing.
Anonymous said…
Our documentation team at work also missed it. But we did make worthy mention of the day on the next day.
At work we are undecided about whether to use American or British English (spellings/punctuation rules), because we are a Kiwi company taken over by an American company.
Whichever way the decision is made I shall fight for the Oxford comma that the Americans use.
Where is Oxford anyway?
Laurie M. said…
I didn't know it was referred to as the "Oxford comma" until recently. I was always taught to use it, however, and always have. I understand to not use it is only for informal writing - whatever that means. How hard is it, really, to add that little thing?

Oxford is somewhere in England. That's the extent of my knowledge regarding Oxford.

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