Christian persecution in India

And while I've got the state of the world on the brain, here's a link from my friend Nahomi over at She is a Christian native of India, now living in New Zealand. She has been informing me of the persecution our brothers and sisters in India are experiencing at this time. It would be good to remember them and their nation in our prayers. The link is from a New Zealand paper, and, according to Nahomi, is a fair representation of the situation in India:


jeri said…
Thanks for the good links, Laurie. We need to earnestly pray for our brothers and sisters facing persecution, and for ourselves that we will have the strength to stand if/when it comes to us (Luke 21:36.)

We also need to pray that believers in those countries, as well as our own, will hear true gospel preaching and teaching, and gain an accurate knowledge of God.

Thanks again for the links, we will pray.

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