Friday Night Catch-up

I think it's been since the cat painted the house black that I last posted any bits about life around here. Honestly, there's nothing that interesting to tell. My husband continues to be the kindest, most wonderful man I've ever known - and very patient with me. I've had a nice catching up lunch with Denise (last Friday), complete with promises to attempt to repeat such a thing monthly. I've had my usual cleaning jobs, plus extra time invested in purchasing books, pricing them, putting them online for sale, and shelving them. My dream of doing that exclusively and giving up my day job looks to be at least months away, or may never happen; God knows. I've got one last meeting with the MediCal people to finalize Tony's health coverage. That's been a story in itself, but again, not an interesting one, just the stress from dealing with government agencies. Besides a slight dietary adjustment to reduce her potassium levels, my mom's health, and even her mood, is remaining quite stable. We're praying about bringing her here to live with us in a year or so. She's not going to be able to be alone much longer than that.

I'm about 1/3rd of the way finished painting my kitchen cabinets. (They look beautiful so far.) Then comes the walls. Then the floor in the spare bedroom, then the middle room - and all this if the Lord wills and I live long enough to see it through, and live here long enough to see it through. My goal is to have the interior painted and the carpets removed and floors resurfaced in a year, though even that may not be enough time.

The new dog, Schubert, is adapting to life here. The other pets are used to him now. The cats have ceased stalking and ambushing him. He and Ginger haven't had a fight in a couple of weeks. It's been almost two days since he's pooed in the house. I've got to say, he's an annoying little brute. He's very needy, very demanding, questionably housebroken, and also very sweet. He came to just the right place, here to the Island of Misfit Toys. Everyone in our immediate family has a special heart-place for misfits and outcasts. Every pet in our house came here second-hand, rescued from abandonment. Every person, too.

I found out this morning that our ladies' Bible study in Titus will be wrapping up next week. That means the ball's heading into my court again. But, it's looking like, as a result of upcoming weddings, childbirths, and holidays, we'll be on hiatus through the New Year and possibly until February. That gives me plenty of time to prepare for the next class. (I was really hoping to get through Religious Affections before the next study, and it looks like I'll be getting my wish.)

Until then, by the grace of God, and by the power of the Spirit, I'll be battling some areas of sin in my heart that this study through Religious Affections has exposed to me. I can't move forward without some corrections in my attitudes. I'll probably share more about this in time, though once again, it probably won't prove very interesting to anyone but me. Hopefully, however, I'll reflect Christ more clearly as a result.

Tomorrow I hope to make quite a bit more progress on my cabinets.


Andy C said…
I like the characterization of misfits. It fits(no pun intended) all of us as we deal with our sin nature (although few want to admit that).
I also appreciate the way God moves in the timing of your life, giving you the space to reflect on what you need to before moving on to the next step.
Nice post!
jeri said…
"Island of Misfit Toys," I love that too, Laurie. Aren't we all, indeed!

Looking forward to seeing your lovely painted kitchen.

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