How Ironic

Ever since becoming a Christian I've developed a love for irony, a fascination of sorts. At the risk of sounding ridiculously philosophical, whenever I see irony it's like I've seen the fingerprint of God. This is especially true with poetic justice, but even the simplest ironies speak to me of the involvement of the Almighty in even what seems like the minutiae of life.

Here's an example:

(Yes, I know, nothing but links all week long. I'm lacking imagination and originality, okay.)


Andy C said…
Roy Zuck in Basic Bible Interpretation defines irony as a kind of ridicule expressed indirectly in the form of a compliment.
Your post is so much more poetical (and you told us you didn't have a poetry gene!)
Laurie M. said…
Well, I was shooting for Oxford definition #2: "A contradictory outcome of events as if in mockery of the promise and fitness of things."

The humorous use of irony is something I can appreciate, but don't really have the "gift" of either, least not as far as I've noticed.
Gina said…
mom! i decided that i think i am going to get a tattoo of a cute owl on my ankle/calf area. isnt that a good idea!? i hope you agree because i think it would be awesome.
anyway, i also noticed that soon you will be having to change your little "about me" thingy on the side of your page because in less than one month i will no longer be a teenager!
jeri said…
Neat link, Laurie. That is indeed ironic. And helpful to know, as well.

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