Is a single issue worth it?

"What a man thinks about the most vulnerable among us says everything about him. It will determine all of his other decisions. It’s cowardice on the part of Christians to run away from this because they want to be seen more relevant or less threatening, or whatever the motives may be." - Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor

Read more of her thoughts here:


Anonymous said…
That's a great interview, Laurie. Thanks for pointing it out. I want to blog a little bit about single issue voting before the election and that will be a helpful resource. I'll acknowledge you when I post it. Thanks again.
Andy C said…
Laurie, thanks for the post.

If the issue is life itself, yes a single issue is worth all. Everything flows from our life with Christ, how we walk with Him. if we are so callous to the gift of life he bestowss on others, what does it say about how we value what He cherishes?
jeri said…
And the answer is a resounding "Yes."
I love this girl's story and her witness. What days these are.

Thanks for the good link, Laurie.
And I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I've really appreciated reading your thoughts on Edwards every week. I'm sorry I had to fall behind on the reading, but I've been blessed and helped anyway by everyone else's quotes and thoughts.
Laurie M. said…
Barry, no acknowledgement is necessary. I found the link on another blog, myself:
The main thing is that this issue be formost in our thinking - that we keep it out there.

One of the things I found most disturbing is the cruel treatment she's received. She's the survivor of a holocaust, one that still continues, and she's berated for speaking about it, slandered and maligned.

This view of the value of human life forbodes a frightening future in our world. The spirit of Hitler is not dead. It's here seeking the lives of the small, the helpless, the infirm, and soon the old as well. All for the promise of a healthy, productive utopia.

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