Out of the blue, Elihu

Ever wonder what to make of Job's fourth friend - the one who spoke up last. Ever notice he was not rebuked along with the rest, either by Job, or by God? Well, John Piper has begun a series on the book of Job, and as usual manages to ask and answer one of those nagging little questions - "what do we do with Elihu?".



Andy C said…
Thanks for pointing me to this post. We often forget the messages in what some would view as minor characters in the Bible.

There are no minor characters, if your name made the Book, whether in good light or bad, that meant you were meant to teach the rest of us something.
jeri said…
I'm looking forward to reading that, and listening to some of the audio from that conference. Thanks for pointing it out.

God used Job to help me see Him better a few years ago. I will never forget it.

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