Two Reformation Day Links.

First of all, I would be remiss if I did not provide the link to Paul's Reformation Sunday message.

Secondly, my friend Nahomi just posted her own excellent article. She does a great job of drawing connections to our times.

Same subject matter, yet two very fresh treatments. I never tire of learning about the Protestant Reformation. I have a secret dream of teaching a church history series some day. (Well, I guess it's not a secret any more.)


Lynn Cross said…
Church History is the bomb! I have taught Church History and can't get enough of it either. My 17 yr. old needed a note to miss school on Friday, and she said,"Mom, don't write down that I will miss Reformation Day!" I wanted to, but refrained. Lynn
Lynn Cross said…
By the way, I found in an antique shop an old black and white photo, probably taken around the turn of the century of two women with dresses and hats all decked out sitting in the ashes of an old chimney, sitting in the sitting in the ashes! I am having the photo duplicated writing the verse about beauty from ashes at the bottom. Isn't that neat? Lynn
Laurie M. said…
I'd love to see that photo. I hope you'll post it on your blog.

As for Church history, I listen to church history lectures from Covenant Theological Seminary over and over while I'm at work cleaning houses. I'm so blessed by them, and the perspective I gain about God and how He works over time and in the lives of individuals. He clearly is in no hurry, and prefers to work in interesting and circuitous ways, not following the direct, linear path we would prefer. Of course, we can learn that just from reading the Exodus alone, but looking at it acted out in more recent history serves to confirm it in our times and bring it closer to home.
jeri said…
For most of my Christian life I just didn't know that I didn't know the importance of church history. How God's people need to learn about the past so that they can better understand the times the church is in.

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