Happy "Black Friday" one and all. I've been short on posting lately partly because of my in-laws being in town, and partly because I've been overwhelmingly exhausted. My sister-in-law's first question, of course, is "Are you pregnant?" To which I can answer with a confident negative at the moment. So I've started taking iron. It may be helping. I did not have the steady headache today that I had yesterday and the day before. This morning I had the day off and somehow managed to sleep until 10:30, which is practically unheard of in my little world. And in spite of that I was still exhausted all day.

By way of update: we spent Thanksgiving with Paul's family, at his brother's house eating the traditional fare. Then we took a plate over to my mother and watched her eat it. Later we played Cranium Pop Five with Pat and Andi, and Terry and Dixie. After my in-laws headed back to their hotel, we played a game of the Bible Edition of Outburst, which was especially fun. Then Paul and I came home and watched an episode of Eureka, Season 2 on DVD, which his parents so kindly loaned to us. My kids are gone off to separate places, Gina to L.A. to spend the holiday with her Italian relatives, Tony to Modesto to visit with his girlfriend's relatives. Hopefully Christmas will find us all together here at the house.

Here are my in-laws:
Don't they have kind faces? You can tell here, too, how much Paul looks like his mother.


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