I had my big job today, then went straight to the polls, just before a line began to form. So that's done and I can rest safe in God's sovereignty - and put some pictures online. Paul's been at it again with the camera. He takes pictures of the oddest things, but sometimes they're kind of wonderful.
Can you see the pewter dutch boy & girl salt & pepper shakers peeking out from behind the plant on the windowsill?
That's Mango on the bed. We call him the magnifiCat, for obvious reasons. He's like royalty around here. And that's our bed. It's pretty much all there's room for in our tiny bedroom. Well, and my heap-O-books.
Lastly, these are pictures from our front porch. That long wall across the street is the back wall of a motel. The part you see on the bottom picture is where we looked out one morning to see the giant grafitti words: "Savage Indian Nation". And here I was all this time thinking I was in America, or maybe the motel is built on ancient tribal land. Well, the city cleaned it right up - another reason to be thankful for government.


Andy C said…
Heap-O-books. Personal reading or inventory gone wild?
Laurie M. said…
Personal reading. That's the one room I try to keep free from business - a little island of sanity.
Angela said…
Mango is so cute! Orange kitties are the best. Our favorite cat was Java. He was orange with a gigantic head. I'm ruining my reputation as a non-cat person. Don't tell my family.
Laurie M. said…
I was a non-cat person for years. It was an image I finally had to abandon, because I got a bunch of cats, and because they're so wonderful.
Andi said…
I prefer Napoleon, he's feisty! ;)
Laurie M. said…

You would! You must like your cats like your hubby;-)

We've got one who's a monarch, one who's a dictator (Napoleon), and one gentle little soul. And Cinco, lover of all humanity.

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