Advent season in Nazi Germany

In 1940 Time Magazine published this Christmastime article addressing the predicament of Christians in Nazi Germany. It's nearly inconceivable they would publish an article with such a tone today. So often I've been given the impression that the German Christians sat idly by while Hitler carried on his murderous and immoral campaign against the Jews and other "undesirables". That is clearly a misrepresentation of the truth. He sold them a bill of goods at the beginning of his dominion which most accepted, until his true colors began to show. This is a fairly lengthy article, but well worth reading with prayers for wisdom in our own time, and strength to stand for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ no matter the cost.


(ShiVeR)Curtis said…
Laurie, you would probably be interested in the book, Hitler's Cross, by Erwin W. Lutzer. Ever since I read it I've had a deeper desire to learn more about WW2 and the forces that were behind it. God bless.
(ShiVeR)Curtis said…
PS, where do you sell your books? My wife has been selling on Ebay for some time, I hope you are not a competitor, otherwise I can no longer continue to associate with you!

JK, hope sales are going well, so far we've done alright. Though it's not a fulltime income...yet.
Laurie M. said…
Ours is not a full-time income right now. It was for my husband before we married, but not enough for his needs as a married man. He was going to sell the business when he got a "regular" job, but I begged him to keep it and let me run it, which I've done, but at a fraction of the profit, since I don't have full-time to devote to it yet.

We sell through Alibris, under the seller name RPM books, out of Chico, CA. I would recommend she look into selling through them as well. I think she may end up wanting to give up Ebay altogether once she sees how easy it is through Alibris. They link to many other sellers, even Amazon (but they charge so much in fees that we stopped working with them, which hurt business, but so did their fees...).

Anyway, I'd love to hear how she's doing, and don't mind the on-line competition one bit. It's folks that live in this town and try to drive us from our book sources that drive us nuts. Valuable books are hard to come by.
jeri said…
I had that same impression of the churches in Germany, Laurie, though apparently it's not a completely wrong impression. But I did not know about the the faithful Confessional pastors standing strong in the Lord. That was a remarkable thing to read.
Anonymous said…
Thanks this is a very interesting article (and piece of history)

There is no doubt that those were serious times of oppression for all Germans who did not agree or at least go along with Hitler. I am glad we have not faced similar oppression in the US or have we? Have we actually faced more dangerous subliminal forces that slowly drag us off course, while staying just under the radar of perception? Would the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay not say they are being oppressed? I have never organized protests on the war in Iraq (although I never thought we had a right or reason to attack); if I had, would I have found myself locked away with no way for my family to know what happened? But I’ve strayed from the point.

If we learn anything from history we should learn that it can repeat...have a wonderful Christmas.

God bless,

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