I've been working on a "real post" for a couple of days now, and trying to keep up with the Mere Christianity reading group. My "real post" is taking on a life of it's own and pretty much everything that truly interests me is wrapped up in it. My point is, because of my limited mental capacities, I don't seem to have much left over to write about.

I can tell about how today I did laundry and dishes, and about how Ginger peed on my bed 'cause I was ignoring her pleas to be taken out (She'd just been out an hour earlier, for Pete's sake!) Oh, and there's the ants. These have been the bane of the last three days of my existence. And the washer - I stopped one leak only to see three more, lesser leaks, sprout in its stead. The best part of the day was Paul getting home from work unexpectedly early, cookie platter in hand. We spent the afternoon together and then went to the local artsy theater to see Synecdoche, New York. It was a strange experience to sit fighting back tears while the bulk of the audience laughed uproariously - clearly misunderstanding everything. It was a devastating film, making me again thankful for the intervention of the Savior in my life. I wish I could review it here, but I simply do not have the skill. I think perhaps Paul should give it a try. But I will say this, life is not a dress rehearsal to be spent setting up the stage, trying out your lines, trying on hats for when the real production begins. Don't live your life for how it will play to others. Don't live for how it will sound when you blog about it, or rearrange it to look pretty in the pictures. Life is not a reality series - but it is real. Live your real life, in your real relationships with real people (not the people you imagine or hope them to be). Life the real life God has given you to live.

Oh, I got carried away. Here's some pictures from today:

That's Ginger. Isn't she lovely?

And Paul's in his element - the "multi-purpose room".

And that's the Chico City Plaza.


Anonymous said…
Abraham Piper defended the use of filler posts a couple of days ago. I just can't seem to find time to write them.
Lynn Cross said…
I do not know anything about the film, but you analyzed it perfectly, because I feel as if I know what it was about. Knowingly or unknowingly, the paragraph before illustrated it perfectly. Do laundry, fix leaks, do dishes, enjoy time with your husband, that's real life. That is the kind of life that Christ promises us, full of joy in the journey, and faith along the way. Faith to live every moment to the fullest, even the ones full of dishes for the glory of His name! I love all your posts. Lynn
Andy C said…
I think we all get defensive about our posts from time to time. But you do quality stuff here, so do not be deterred if the land becomes arid for a season.

Also, sometimes it is better to ignore the leaks you know than having to deal with the ones you don't.
jeri said…
This is a good filler post, Laurie. And yes, check out A. Piper's article for some solace on that issue.

And pictures always work! I need to post some pictures of our pit bull. Oh Je-nn-nn-ieeee!!!! (Our resident picture taker.)
Laurie M. said…
Thanks to all of you for all the encouragement!

Barry, perhaps you can help me understand the concept behind Abraham Piper's blog. Is it that all the entries all 22 words or less?

Andy, you seldom fail to crack me up!

My daughter is responsible for us having our pitbull. (She saw her on the humane society website - a sweet 5 mo. old pup.)And she, my daughter is on a mission to save the breed I think. She has a special link on her MySpace page devoted to her love for pitbulls, and loses all composure if anyone says an unkind thing about them. That's the surest and quickest way to get her dander up.
Anonymous said…
Hope I don't forget what 'blog' means, leave alone 'filler posts'. I wish I could write you an email about what is happening at my end these days. Maybe I will have the time sometime to do that.
Anonymous said…

That is the exactly the point of Abraham's blog. Interestingly, the ambiguity and provocativeness of saying little seems to generate a lot of discussion. (Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that he has a famous father.)
Betsy Markman said…
Oh, I can relate. Having a bit of a dry spell myself. But God is faithful. He'll bring the refreshment in His time. May God give you grace and patience to bear all of life's frustrations (sounds like you've had quite a few lately!)
Laurie M. said…
I'll look forward to your e-mail, whenever it comes. I've been wanting to send one as well.

You're a perceptive lady. Thank you for your prayer. I'll need plenty of prayer to get through Christmas! Blessings to you as well.

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