A message from my better half

I know it's traditional for husband's to refer to their wives as their "better half". In my case, however, it just doesn't work that way. I'm married to a much finer human being than myself (the only thing in which I surpass him is tidiness). But that's all beside the point.

Here's the point: for the second consecutive year my husband, Paul, has given one of the four Sunday evening Advent messages for our church. (I'd drive everyone crazy if I was a pastor's wife - posting every message he delivers. But since it's only occasional, I feel no reason not to gush.) The theme was the timing of the incarnation of Christ. Until it turns up on the Sovereign Joy Christian Fellowship podcast, you can enjoy reading his message here. I think you'll find yourself blessed.


Andy C said…
Great message, thanks for sharing. I admire people who can put together a cogent dissertation of a length like this.

I am nowhere near doing things of this quality. A very thoughtful look at our Savior and how the "red thread" of His redemption of us runs through the entire Bible, OT as well as NT.
Laurie M. said…
He'll be glad to hear that. None of us ever feel qualified to tell that great story, and that certainly goes for Paul, though God has certainly given him the gifts to do it. Thanks.

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