Unexpected tears

I wasn't expecting to have to fight back tears during the interlude music on NPR this morning. In my defense, the song O Holy Night almost invariable makes me tear up - but I certainly did not expect this rendition to do it. Take a listen: click the link then click "Listen now" for a sample. Promise me you'll listen through the chorus before you right me off as crazy. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?saId=98658604


Anonymous said…
umm, not so much - I'm trying to be kind but ouch, sorry that's like the ultra sterile pop (want to be rock for the kids) version, ooh I think I need to listen to something else now.

try this
anyway, these guys asked me to play with them and I would have loved to except I'd be holding them back since I'm too old to quit my day job...anyway he does a version of here I am to worship that I've seen make teenage guys tear up...
Laurie M. said…
Well, like I said, that song is a weakness of mine, apparently no matter who does it. When I heard the first few notes of the vocals I thought, oh no, but it was the chorus, as usual that got to me. And, by the way, I get more than my share of the "ultra sterile pop", as my daughter's former boyfriend plays with the bands Brighten, and Rocket to the Moon.

Thanks for giving it a shot! You win the good sport prize. I'm gonna head over to the link you've provided now.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I was a bit harsh, sorry it was late. Having had one foot in the music business for the last 30 years makes me a little hard to please but it is a great song, in fact my wife is practicing it right now to sing in church tonight. And yes when it gets to 'fall on your knees' it is very powerful and tears are appropriate.
Merry Christmas
Anonymous said…
full version


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