Why we shut our bedroom door at night:

When I was a kid I wondered why the Flinstones booted their cat out of the house at night. As the owner of three cats, I don't wonder about that anymore.



Andy C said…
I shut my door so the neighbors do not hear the snoring (my dogs, not me)!
ke4juh said…
I have 6 cats and we call them in to go to bed - unfortunately we have sequester one because the others pick-on her but we love having a bed full of cats and I don’t use an alarm clock since the cat will gently ease me out of sleep at the right time.
Laurie M. said…
My two dogs sleep with us, in the bed - but they don't snore!

I have a warm place in my heart for men who really like cats. I would love to have a bed full fo dogs & cats, but our cats play all night - the evidence awaits me in the morning. We've had our heads pounced one too many times!
Andi said…
That cartoon is great!
Lynn Cross said…
Great cartoon. Ken and I watched all the ones we could find by the same guy. I have one fat cat, and he can't sleep with us for the exact same reasons. Lynn

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