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Another story from Australia

By the people, for the people…


Two Reformation Day Links.

"Then I saw thrones,...

Here's my laundry list of a Monday

Okay one more link


For those of us who work,

Religious Affections, the Eleventh Sign

I snagged another poem from Paul

I've seen the future...

All work and no play....

Out of the blue, Elihu

Is a single issue worth it?

Religious Affections - the Ninth & Tenth Signs

How Ironic

A poem

Feel the need for tears of joy?

At the risk of wearying you, I ask you to, please...

more election time info...

Thinking about not voting this year?

It must be bad if...

Friday Night Catch-up

Ever dream of moving to Switzerland?

Speaking of athiests...

Religious Affections - Signs Seven and Eight

Like to think you're rational?

A tribute to a mother

Devo night

Prayer request

Islam pressuring YouTube

James White takes on Islam

Christian persecution in India

Edwards' Sixth Sign - Christian Humility