Now I feel better.

I always feel like I need to apologize for not being good at multi-tasking - but not anymore! Here's why.

It really is better to to one thing well, than several poorly. It is also quicker and more accurate to do each task with full attention than several while distracted.


Andy C said…
This is way too logical, and true! Like right now I am blogging and working on a paper for school.

Yeah, right, my brain is working in the background thinking about Genesis while i am typing this.

But multi-tasking is such an impressive sounding word.
LiNdSeY said…
Thank you for sharing that! It makes perfect sense! REally! I completely agree :)
jeri said…
I completely agree with that view on multi-tasking, yet I keep trying to make it an efficient thing to do! Sometimes it can "work", as one commenter pointed out, but it just depends on the dynamics of the tasks at hand, and I often attempt to do multiple things that each really need focused attention.

Great posts and links you've added the last few days. My sister especially enjoyed your "Lord of the Dance" post.
Lynn Cross said…
I have never been good at multi-tasking, and always felt guilty about it. I wonder what other things I feel guilty about that I shouldn't? Lynn
I've tried to call it multi-tasking, but the truth is I am easily distracted and have trouble staying on point. This is excellent, and I will pledge to quit using excuses and FOCUS! Thanks Laurie! Deb

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