More Things I Can Do When I Don't Blog:

There are still some details awaiting completion, but the bulk of it is done!


(The "before" shots were taken on a bright,sunny day, so the lighting is much better than the ones I took yesterday under a hailstorm.)


The Scotts said…
WOW Looks GREAT! I think you might should be an interior decorator!!!
Andy C said…
You can make a series out of this!

Next post - More Things I can Do When I Do Not Comment On Other People's Blogs.

Good job, pics do look great.
Laurie M. said…
Is that a hint?
Anonymous said…
Oh the captcha thing is working again...looks great - some people have so much energy!
God bless,
David Porter said…

The remodel project looks great!
Andi said…
Wow! You did a wonderful job! (My favorite part is the red mixer though!) Hey, when you have a spare week or two, wanna come over and paint my dining room? ;)
jeri said…
This is lovely!! Somehow I'd missed this post. Congratulations on finishing it up. You picked the right colors.
Anonymous said…
I'm not an interior decorator or anything, but I think the cats on the table are a nice touch. With the cats in place, you wouldn't even have to clean up after breakfast. :-)

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