A whole new world

My indentured servanthood to my current cell phone service, after four nightmarish years ends in a week. So I've sold myself to a different plan, the one my husband, kids, in-laws, and most of the folks closest to me have. This also means, I've got a new phone. It's green! My kids are no longer mocking me. In fact, Tony is green too, every time he looks at it. I got unlimited texting. My reasoning was this, I HATE talking on the phone (Oh, to anyone who's ever spoken to me on the phone and wondered why my personality has vanished - that's why). My kids LOVE to text. I LOVE to write. It has a full keypad and a camera. I can take pictures with it AND send hilarious text messages. I used to think my calling in life was to teach the Bible, but now I know it's really to send hilarious text messages. Ask my kids. They'll testify to my giftedness in this area.

Oh, and speaking of a Whole New World. Watch this video - and don't quit part way, you've really got to see the whole thing. (You can thank my daughter, Gina, for this one.)


Andy C said…
Texting? Soon you will be tweeting!
LiNdSeY said…
Don't you love texting! It's the best ever! You're so funny! :)
Laurie M. said…
Tweeting? My cats would never stand for it.
Andi said…
That video was so weird! The girls didn't know what to think of it!
Haven't seen you in a while stranger, hope you're doing well!
Love ya!
Laurie M. said…
He has several other videos. You can link to them from that site. His voice is amazing - and shocking - but even more beautiful in the upper range, so beautiful you hardly know what to do. I just take it for what it is, an amazingly beautiful voice.
rainydaytoys said…
I hardly ever text. Loved the video It's great to hear people who can change there voice to do different characters, many cartoon characters are done by the same person.
Gina said…

Loved the video! I am so curious about his vocal range. I wonder just how many octaves he can sing?

I love to text, and hate to talk on the phone. Agree with you completely. Also, I've been trying to decide on a new phone. Which one did you decide on? I need one with a qwerty keyboard, I just can't get fast enough on the one I am using now.

Laurie M. said…
I don't know what "qwerty" means, but if you mean the kind that's a full keypad, like a keyboard, that's what I've got. It's a Samsung SGH-a767. It's one of the less expensive available through AT&T, but not the bottom of the line. It can provide a ton of services I did not sign up for - internet access and all that, which I can't afford. My daughter's phone was more expensive, but she still thinks mine is really nice, and Paul says it's a lot nicer than his Razor.

Do you use AT&T? (Oh, BTW, you can always e-mail me if you don't want to tell things like that in the comments.)
ke4juh said…
I prefer texting too but I don't have the fancy kybd. I did get my wife a phone like that last fall. Pic msgs are fun too.

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