The Great Physician

I feel like sharing a little more hope for sinners from C.H. Spurgeon
"The way of loving trust in the Savior is illustrated by a lady who is the wife of the most eminent physician of the day. She is seized with a dangerous illness and is smitten down by its power. Yet, she is wonderfully calm and quiet because her husband has made this disease his special study and has healed thousands who were similarly afflicted. She is not in the least troubled, for she feels perfectly safe in the hands of one so dear to her and in whom skill and love are blended in their highest forms. Her faith is reasonable and natural; her husband, from every point of view, deserves it from her.

This is the kind of faith which the happiest of believers exercise toward Christ. There is no physician like Him; none can save as He can. We love Him and He loves us. Therefore, we put ourselves into His hands, accept whatever He prescribes, and do whatever He bids. We feel that nothing can be wrongly ordered while He is the Director of our affairs. He loves us too well to let us perish or suffer a single needless pang."


Andi said…
I like this very much! Thanks!
WhiteStone said…
Thanks, Laurie. Good words indeed.
jeri said…
I'm glad He loves us so.
Anonymous said…
There is simply nothing more to say to this than, Amen!! Thanks Laurie!

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