Speaking of love - and where I've been...

It seems appropriate that during this time which I've devoted to growing in my understanding of the love and grace of God for His people (and me), that I should be "interrupted" in my studies by the wedding of two of my dearest and most favorite people - Bryan and Rachel. Friday, during the time I would usually be blogging, I was working on their gift. Saturday, yesterday, was the long and much anticipated event. It was quite a day!

Every once in a while, you meet a couple so perfectly suited to each other that you can't imagine an unsuccessful marriage. This is one of those couples. Another reason I think these two strike such a chord with me is that they remind me so much of me and Paul. Only in our case the husband is the free-spirit and the wife the straight-laced one. We've both benefited so much from each other, and learned so much from each other. I'm so excited to see these two do the same.

Fortunately for the happy couple, my brother-in-law (our pastor) was able to officiate. Unfortunately for Paul and I, Paul had to cover his brother's shift at work and so couldn't attend the ceremony. He was, however, able to finish up in time to attend most of the reception, though still dressed in his work boots.

And here are a few pictures:

The newlyweds

The free-spirited Rachel

I wish I had better pictures of the gown. My incredibly talented sister-in-law, Andi, made it. Having never done anything quite so elaborate before, she started with a very basic two-piece wedding gown Rachel found at a thrift store. Then some of us gals from the church accompanied the bride to a fabric store and selected some beautiful oyster colored silk (I think it was silk) and some stunning sage lace with beading. From that Andi created exactly what Rachel had in her imagination. Two very daring ladies, if you ask me, but it certainly paid off in the end with a one-of-a-kind creation for a one-of-a-kind girl. What I really wish you could see is the lace peeking out from beneath the flounces - so lovely. I'm surrounded by awesomely talented women in our tiny little church - and the more I learn about God's love for me, the more I love and appreciate them. Who'd have guessed?!


Lynn Cross said…
Weddings are such a foretaste of what is to come. Love, Lynn
jeri said…
What a lovely and unique-looking dress, and it looks so pretty in the last pic with the colors on the table. Very nice; happy for your enjoyment of the saints.
Great pics Laurie! Have you seen mine on my blog? www.joyfirelove.blogspot.com or on picassa at http://picasaweb.google.com/GingerSchooling/GumpyWedding22809?feat=directlink
Laurie M. said…
Your pics are fabulous! Mine were from my camera phone. (That's my excuse for them not being so great. If I ever get a real camera, I'll have no more excuses left!) I looked at them on picasa (psst...your blog is invite only)

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