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As I believe I've mentioned before, I've decided to take a break from teaching in our church setting while I seek to grow for a while in my understanding of God's grace. I'm hoping for these truths to be more deeply established before I lead a group again. I had been scheduled to begin a new series this spring. The timing proved to be perfect for me to step back as there is another woman in our body who is gifted to teach whose time has come to step forward. Seeing God arranging all this is a great relief and comfort. It looks as if I won't be doing a study for six months or more. After that, if the Lord wills it, I intend to lead a study through Jonathan Edwards' Charity and It's Fruits.

So, my point in bringing all this up is that my husband insists that during this interim I do some kind of study on my blog. He says he profits when I'm working on a study and would like for that to continue. So, my friends, do you have any suggestions? Is there a book or book of the Bible you would like to study through here with me? I'm open to all sorts of suggestions.


Lynn Cross said…
Hey Laurie,
I am reading through the Bible and then reading the commentary from Keith Mathison's From Age to Age. I also am doing a study on Looking Unto Jesus, which I plan to make into a devotional book for a friend of mine. I too do much better when I am studying. I am doing an old study on the Beatitudes as well. I have read ahead in Wilberforce's bk and I was struck because he says some things about Looking Unto Jesus also, which I had also begun. I do not have a book or anything though to follow. Just a host of things. But the more I get into it, the more fascinating it gets. What exactly does looking mean? Maybe it will food for your thoughts. Praying for you. Lynn
haithabu said…
The gospel of John is a good one if you want to do an indepth study of grace.

For of His fulness we have all received, and grace upon grace.

I think it's a great idea to do something like that online. I look forward to seeing your insights.
LiNdSeY said…
Mrs. Laurie, your diligence in studying and teaching the word inspires and convicts me! I don't do enough of it... Thank you for just sharing your life. You are an encouragement to me!
Andi said…
Geez, I don't know. You always pick good ones, I'll follow the study no matter what you pick!
Andy C said…
Since he is looking to profit from your study, WWPD? What would Paul do?
jeri said…
Seems that grace is the theme of your heart lately; grace might be a good topic. Whatever you do will be profitable, I'm quite sure.
Anonymous said…
Something I get hung up on all the time is the Pauline tendency to use a number of different metaphors to explain to his readers the relationship of the Christian to the Christ: Human Body; Adoption as Sons; Bride of Christ; Temple/Living Stones; Priests; Soldier; and so forth - probably a couple of others I've missed.

I find galling the tendency of contemporary small "c" christian "thinkers" or publishing industry writers/"teachers" to make and teach the assumption that all of these must resonate with all of the believers, all of the time.

For instance the paroxysms of delight evident in the writing and speaking tones of many so-called teachers as they write or otherwise communicate bad ecclesiology/theology about Bride of Christ typically leaves me unmoved/cold. On the other hand, the Soldier, Adopted Son, or Priest metaphors speak better sense to me.

So, a study of these metaphors and what they meant or might have meant to their original readers/hearers, might be instructive to the modern reader.

Anonymous said…
On the other hand, that whole topic of grace, as a previous commenter noted, is a good idea, too.
Laurie M. said…

Great encouragement and interesting thoughts one and all. Thanks. I'm going to give it a bit more thought (and prayer).


I know what you mean. I've never heard anyone say that out loud before. I don't think the "bride" metaphor carried with it the thoughts of Cinderella it does in our romantic age, though if Song of Solomon is any frame of reference romantic notions were not absent from the O.T. mindset altogether. Dunno.
I can say I've often wondered how that bride reference translates in the mind of a man. I think it would be a tough swallow, particularly in days when a man's word really was law. To be a bride was to be given to a husband, likely without much input, and to be expected to love and obey unquestioningly no matter what and with no recourse. Something to think about. And with that in mind, women who have been sold that romantic (think "Captivating") view of Christ as Bridegroom soon find themselves disillusioned. Jesus in not our boyfriend always thinking up new ways to romance us.
Debbie said…
I don't have a title for a study but since you're interested in grace, maybe that should be the topic. The more time I spend in His presence, the more I realize that He loves me. It's because of His grace that I can come before Him as Abba Daddy. And then I can love the unlovely and give grace to those who may not seem as though they deserve it.
Anonymous said…
For the purposes we discussed some months ago, it would be wonderful if it is a book that:
--will not clash with 'Reformed' theology (so can be translated into Tamil and useful for women in newly planted churches)
--has small chapters and is suited for busy women like us (and also will be manageable for translation)

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