Weekend filler

I'm at a weird place. I guess you could call it writer's block. I've got a huge row of back burners on slow boil, but nothing up front. I'm hoping to post soon about Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. I've got a book I received for free in exchange for a review on my blog. I'm hoping to start reading that in the next few days. I've got a few other books in process. Also, I'm still trying to decide on a regular study to focus on.

Daily life has been really full. Our vagrant issue came to a head yesterday with Paul once again getting sworn at and given the finger, this time for the crime of sitting on our front porch on the most beautiful afternoon of the year thusfar. These are substance abusers who live in campers, eat at the soup kitchen down the street, and park in front of our house pulling out lawn chairs and getting drunk and doing drugs with all their visitors right there on the sidewalk, across the street from our front door. He decided that this is not what a man should come home to after 10 hours at work, or what his wife should be 20 feet away from while he's away, and called the police, who came and urged them to move along. They pretended to do so until the cop left and then stayed the rest of the night. Thankfully they left in the morning and have not been back. There was some concern on our part that they might retaliate, but so far nothing.

The weather, as I mentioned, has been beautiful. I've been able to open my front door for most of the day. Yesterday Paul and I bought a tulip tree, and two new books in honor of our tax refund (the rest of which pays our property taxes). He planted it while I watched and the vagrants across the street drunkenly looked on. Yesterday and today I pruned the neighbors' bushes that block all sunlight from my kitchen windows, and were also hanging over my roof. I planted to seeds to start in pots. I did all sorts of wonderful house puttering for the rest of the day. I told Paul how I'd love to spend a whole month right here at home just puttering. The kitchen is just about finished. There's some detail painting left to do, and one large print that needs framing. Today I hung the window treatments. I'll see if Paul will put some pics up for me. We're hoping to start on the spare bedroom next. (Question to any local friends: does anyone own a belt sander they'd be willing to lend for an afternoon sometime?)

In case anyone remembers that one of my New Year's resolutions was to memorize Romans, and wonders how that's going I'll give an update. First, I was amazed at how I could learn a verse a day. At that rate I should be able to memorize at least the first 12 chapters this year. I said "should". I found that after I memorized Chapter 1 I couldn't retain it if I didn't recite it daily, which I couldn't seem to remember to do. Then I fell off for what I thought was a couple of weeks and realized was really a couple of months! So, now I'm re-memorizing Chapter 1. It's ridiculously frustrating! It may take me the rest of my life to commit Romans to memory, but I don't guess I have anything more important to do.

Okay, time for bed.


Andy C said…
Writer's block. Ugh. Or should we call it blogger's block?

Go through that feeling at least once a week and sometimes twice a day! I turn it over to the Lord in prayer, knowing He will guide me to the topic He would have pour out of my heart into my head and through my hand. He will do the same for you.

I will pray that your vagrant issue is no longer an issue.
WhiteStone said…
Memory block! I so sadly fail at memorizing. I am always astounded at those who can memorize large blocks of scripture.
jeri said…
"but I don't guess I have anything more important to do."

This made me smile for a variety of reasons. I'm glad to know about but sorry to hear about the problems in your neighorhood...sounds like a true challenge. Post us pictures when you get your kitchen completely done.

I enjoyed reading this little slice of your life. I hope one book review turns into more, if you have the time for it. As for making memorization consistent, it's a fight. But I think just patiently keeping at it will yield more consistency in time. I've never memorized a whole chapter before (unless a whole Psalm counts).
Blessings to y'all,
Andi said…
Even one verse counts if you commit to living it day in and day out! (Sorry, I don't have a belt sander:)
pinamarie said…
thanks for the encouragment! I got to give a shot today...it was fun...well...for me, not the patient!

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