As I said last night...change is afoot

So, while I hooked up this new box, I got a phone call from Paul. He was on his way home from work. He'd been laid off.

We are viewing things quite calmly and circumspectly at the moment - knowing full well God's hand is in it. We have been praying about many things, all of which would involve drastic change to resolve. And so here we are, looking at a future on earth as uncertain as it's always been, but secure in God's hand.

We would welcome your prayers for work and ongoing peace of mind.


David Porter said…

You have become a dear friend through our various journeys reading God's word.

I understand the fear of uncertainty, but know, that you know, that God is sovereign.

As you go through this time of testing, I pray that God will bring you strength, and the He will be delighted, and glorified through your submission, obedience, and confidence is His loving care.
Andy C said…
You have my prayers and His peace. He will see you through this time of change and challenge.
LiNdSeY said…
You are in my prayers! I have been clinging to the promise that God doesn't waste anything, not even the smallest of details. Love you!
Debbie said…
I will gladly pray for you and your husband. I know how difficult these economic times are personally. Thank you for sharing this concern with us so we can join you in praying. I mentioned you in my Thankful Thursday post today. I appreciated your prayers.
Anonymous said…
Don't know what to say except that we will be praying.
Laurie M. said…
Thanks to all of your for your prayers and the friendship and fellowship you've blessed me with.
Betsy Markman said…
Oh wow, I've been catching up on your posts in reverse chronological order, so I just now got this bit of news.

Oh where would we be without the Lord at times like these? I'm glad He's giving you peace right now. I know you're in the palm of His hand.

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