Count your many blessings...

Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God hath done:

Dixie (my mother-in-law) is out of the hospital after nearly dying on Thursday from an allergic reaction to a medication meant to treat a mild infection. (She spent almost the entire time we were down south in intensive care. Because I had a cough I was only able to visit her once, though I'm incredibly thankful for that one visit.)

I got to spend a lot more time with my Terry, my father-in-law, in one to one conversation than I ever have in the past.

We made the 1000 mile trip there and home safely with tires down to the wear-bars and no air conditioning during record high temps for April.

The first day there a friend from church called to give Paul a lead on a job. Another friend from church called just to say she loved us and was praying for us. In fact, Paul has had several phone calls from friends as far away as New York wishing him well.

When we got home we learned that unemployment benefits would provide much more than we anticipated. Losing our home no longer seems as imminent a threat as it did yesterday.

A dear friend and client called me today while I was driving north on I-5 to ask me if it would help us financially if she paid us for the next few months in advance. When I hung up, my eyes welled up with unexpected emotion for the kindness of friends.

Though I was never able to shake the cough entirely, I was able to spend almost 5 days without severe allergies. (Now that I'm back in Chico, so are the allergies, with a vengeance!)

The night before we left town, Paul set me up with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unexpectedly, even though I'd not provided my maiden name, my favorite teacher from high school found me. High school was a nightmare for me. He was one person I knew cared, though I never expressed to him how much he meant to me, or confided in him in any way for that matter back in the day. I was stunned at how much he remembered, and how accurately. He is a devout believer. Now, after all these years, I am his sister in Christ.

Upon our return there was not a single vagrant-mobile parked within sight of our house. (More on that another time perhaps.)

My husband is playing Dwight Yokum in the next room - Guitars & Cadillacs....:-)


Andy C said…
You are seeing the Lord in your life as you walk with Him.

May He continue to bless you and Paul each and every day.
WhiteStone said…
Glad you arrived home safely - that trip down the length of central CA always filled me with dread. And glad to hear your MIL is recovering! May God continue to bless your family. Trials - perseverance - peace.
Anonymous said…
One of the great things I appreciate about God is the way He meets our needs in ways that leave us temporarily speechless. He is so unorthodox and unpredictable. May He continue to surprise you as He continues to meet your and Paul's needs.
Laurie M. said…
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I read from your Twitter that you have a blog. I'll be sure to pay a visit.

God has been good to me all my life, though for years I refused to see it, focusing only on the difficulties (many of which were self-induced). Now, to see God's kindness, all I have to do it look around. And you're right, there are frequent surprises.

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