The hills are alive...

Everyone in my family knows I've adored The Sound of Music since I first saw it as a child. I listened to the soundtrack over and over on my little record player (skipping Climb Every Mountain every time). I own copies of three different books authored by Maria von Trapp. (The two biographies differ radically - to the extent that I don't know which to believe.) I had a heartbreaking crush on the Christopher Plummer character, though I was so young I couldn't tell if I wanted to marry him or for him to be my father. I envied the wardrobe of the baronness who wanted to marry Georg. I haven't watched the film through in a few years, though I hardly need to. I've seen it dozens of times. Yet as personal as all this feels to me, I am clearly not alone. This film has captured the hearts of young and old for decades insisting that we stop, remember, and smile.

Thanks to my dear Paul for this little gift:

And, if you like hip-hop, take a minute to see what my girl, Gina, sent me. It is Gwen Stefani having a bit of post-modern fun with the goat-herd song.


haithabu said…
The Sound of Music didn't have nearly the impact on me as it did for you, but it is memorable for me because it was the first movie I or anyone in our family ever watched. Our background was one in which movies were traditonally off-limits. When TSOM came out, my parents made careful inquiries as to whether it contained anything objectionable, then dithered for months before deciding it was okay for us to see as a family. By then the movie was no longer running in our city, so we had to drive an hour to another town to watch it.
Disjecta Membra said…
I likely would have benefited from a bit more parental caution. I actually saw The Godfather and Cabaret in the theater with my mother when they first came out. I was in 2nd or 3rd grade at the time. Thankfully I was spared the Exorcist, probably because my mom was too scared to see it herself. I also remember my parents going to see that B-movie, Soyelent Green (sp?), and sending my in to see another film instead because it might not be appropriate. I'm pretty sure it was 2001 a Space Odyssey, because I remember being alone in the theater and dreadfully bored. That is the only time I can remember being restricted from seeing a film.
Laurie M. said…
Sorry, that was me, not Paul. Guess he was using my computer this morning!

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