What did the Cross accomplish?

Was Christ successful in what He set out to do? Was the "founder and perfecter of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the same..." (Heb. 12: 2) now seated at the right hand of God experiencing joy mixed with disappointment? How Good was Good Friday? How triumphant was our Risen Savior?

I happened today upon an article in a Reformed Baptist publication in which James White addresses this very matter. I hope you'll take some time to read it reflectively. For those unfamiliar with the Reformed view of the atonement, this will serve as a concise introduction which is also respectful in its disagreement with those who differ. If the only knowledge you have of the Reformed view is what you've heard from its critics, it's likely your view is based a caricature and you would benefit in your understanding to learn from a proponent. As Os Guinness says, "...each faith should speak for itself rather than being understood through the words of outsiders or critics. This is partly a matter of elementary fairness and partly a response to some evident unfairness - some faiths are notorious for spending more time attacking the supposes inadequacies of their rivals' views than in setting out their own." Should you read, reflect, and still disagree, you will nonetheless come away with heightened respect, understanding, and Christian charity for those with whom you differ.

Blessings to you this Good Friday and may the blood of the Crucified One cleanse you from all sin.


WhiteStone said…
Thanks for the excellent link to James White's article on atonement. Good read.

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