What's cooking?

You may have noticed I've come to a deadlock of sorts with my blog. Well, you may not have noticed anything; but I have. I've got many things on the back burners now that I've not been able to pull forward quite yet because of time constraints and a book I've committed to review before the end of the month. It's a new book called Love Notes, a biblical look at love, by Ryan Dagliesh. Since there's a deadline involved in that case, everything else will be on hold. But I feel like explaining what the "everything" is. I've got it in my head to review the original story of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi. I was so overwhelmingly impressed by it that I'd like to take a look at it from a Christian and devotional perspective. I've also recently completed a stunning work by Os Guinness called Unspeakable, which really deserves some space here. Also, in another month or two a blogger friend in New Zealand and I are planning to study on-line through Charles Spurgeon's classic, All of Grace, which she will see translated into Tamil to share with her loved ones in India (and the various other countries to which they've migrated).

This is all very exciting for me, but has contributed to the kind of dreams I'm prone to where I spend the entire night planning and packing for a trip even though I don't know when the flight leaves, or where my tickets are, or how to get to the airport, etc. (I also have dreams where I'm cleaning a house and every time I round a corner I happen upon a new room, usually a large bathroom, which I'd forgotten about and even though it's getting dark outside, I can't leave until it's clean.)

So, this is the time when you can smell dinner cooking, but know it's still a ways off. In the meantime I'll try to keep a tray of appetizers out, to take the edge off.


Andy C said…
Sounds like ideas are churning away inside your head, they will come out.

When they do, we will savor them, like ice cream or butter.
Laurie M. said…
I love ice cream....and butter!
Debbie said…
It sounds like a lot of exciting and intriguing things are happening, Laurie. I'll keep tuned in and will pray for you.

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