Who's your pastor?

Here's a challenging post. I'm a few days late in reading it, but I'd like to pass it on, because it's worth reading - and re-reading. If you are an avid reader of theology, as I know many of you are, this is a warning worth heeding. Please read it.

Do you have a real pastor?


WhiteStone said…
Thanks for the link to a great post.
Andy C said…
I maintain a good person to person relationship with my current pastor (and as i am in leadership, it is in a pastoral role as well as a governing role) and my former pastor who has moved to a new town.

Pastoring is about the personal contact. The guys on paper are good for encouraging, exhorting and edifying, but you have got to be able to look someone in the eye, shake their hand and hug them occasionally to be an effective pastor.

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