A liberal at Liberty

What happens when a liberal college student decides to learn by experience, fairly, open-mindedly, and respectfully, what the world of fundamentalist Christianity is all about by attending for a semester the most conservative fundamentalist university you could probably imagine? Well, he writes a book, as you might expect, and talks about it on NPR.


Andy C said…
Link did not work for me. Page not found.
Laurie M. said…
Thank for the heads up Andy. It's up and running now.
Ev said…
What an interesting article! Amazing to think that though he may not have 'come to Christ' (yet), this semester changed some of his ideas about Christians, if not about God Himself.

But I have to say, is it enough for us to impress someone with our 'goodness' or our 'compassion' or our other attributes. Do we want the world to see US and what good people we are, or is it God that we want them to see? Is it Jesus Christ that we are lifting up?

It is interesting that he said little or nothing about God Himself in his article. (Or did I totally miss it?)

Anyway, thank you for posting it. Great article!

Laurie M. said…
Ev, it's hard to know what he heard and did not hear there as regards the Gospel. (Perhaps the book would be worth reading in that regard. I may pick it up myself.) But, assuming he did hear it, and heard it accompanied by genuine Christian love, well that's all any of us can really do. All we can ever do is sow the seeds, and/or water. The condition of the soil is out of our hands, and it is always God who gives the growth.

I was in and out of the church for years before my ultimate conversion. Ultimately it was a change in the soil, so to speak, that is my heart which enabled the Word of God to take root in my heart. My husband was once an atheist. He later assented to the truths of Christianity and became what you would probably call a 'liberal' Christian. After some time and being taught some good solid biblical doctrine, he truly understood and embrace the gospel and became a new creature in Christ. So, I tend to see hope in stories like this. I see God's hand at work, though I don't know what the end of that work will be.

Honestly, what surprised me most about this article was the openness and fairness with which he approached his project. I was really expecting mockery and hostility. Would that we would all treat those who differ with us with such dignity (well, minus the deception of course).

I love you input. Thanks!
Ev said…
Laurie, thank you for your response, and you are so right on. I guess I was just thinking of something we are studying in our small group.

But you are absolutely right in your assessment.


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