With broken hearts

How do you speak to the world about abortion - or any other sin for that matter? With humility and broken-hearted love. Here's a fine example:

HT to Barry at Who Am I?


David Porter said…

Humility and broken hearted love yes, but also the courage to stand up to the most powerful man in the world.

He confronted the sin, strongly, I might add, and then offered prayer.

I love John Piper.
jeri said…
I love how they animated that...very moving and powerful.
pinamarie said…
I like how this is not meant to be destructive or divisive. He doesn't deny that many people were so very happy to see mr. obama become president...yet our hearts are still broken for all of the lives that are lost because of abortion.

I get so upset when I see people standing outside of abortion clinics with signs that have pictures of mangled babies. I want to stop and ask those people what they are trying to accomplish. Have they ever encountered an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy? Have they ever been abandoned by everyone in their family and the father of the baby because of an unwanted pregnancy? We should be outside of abortion clinics ready to weep with these women. Ready to tell them that God will forgive them for their sin, that God has grace for them. That is why I love the women's resource clinic. They are so loving, so kind. If you walk into their clinic you immediately feel relaxed and welcome. They offer all the education and support a woman would need. And if that woman decides to get an abortion, they will be there with open arms to help her through the recovery and hopefully educate her enough so that she will never have to contemplate abortion again.

sorry...I had no intention of writing a comment this long :) Great message...I think I will steal this video!
Laurie M. said…
Pina, thanks for your response. I understand what you're saying totally. I've been thinking for a while of telling my own story. Self-righteous "Christians" can actually, at times, inadvertently contribute to the problem by presenting a God to hide from rather than to run to. There are women for whom shame is a motivation for abortion. Often this shame is dished out by those who should be, and often claim to be, offering the hope of the Gospel. Christ died to save sinners - even gals involved in inappropriate relationships.

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