Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday Science

This June has brought us Californians an unaccustomed number of intense and dramatic lightning storms. Thankfully this season they've been accompanied by enough rainfall to prevent the catastrophic fires we had this time last year. And so we've been able to enjoy them, amazed, sitting right on our front porch.

Lightning is an awe inspiring thing, and has been for as long as we humans have been around to witness it. It has long been viewed as the finger of God, or the gods, depending on the culture. It even indirectly led to the Protestant Reformation - terrifying one Martin Luther into a monk's habit. What I didn't realize is that in our modern scientific times we can decipher mysteries of distant galaxies and stars, but we still don't understand the lightning which occurs right over our heads.

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Andy C said...

We have had a few big storms the past few days in Texas. it is awe inspiring to see the power of the Lord in the skies above.