Monday Meanderings

Like a girl wandering here and there picking flowers from field and garden, I've been collecting odds and ends in my basket over the last few days to share with my friends. I've enjoyed it so much, I think I may do this every Monday:

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art exhibit welcoming guests to interact with the Bible turns ugly.

For anyone in the process of seriously evaluating the need for health care reform in America, here is an insurance insider perspective that should be taken into careful consideration.

Ever wonder about the eschatology of Islam? Here's a fascinating little overview.

It will take about 3 minutes to hear John Piper describe why the kind of Christian I was until the age of forty is at the heart of what's wrong with evangelicalism in America today. I could add a few points of my own, but his point gets to the ultimate heart of the matter:

And, well, just for fun, how about another version of the Roller Skate song. I've never yet heard a version of this song that hasn't made me smile.


rainydaytoys said…
smile, yes, but give me the ukulcle group.

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