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Perhaps you've not yet encountered the YouTube video being passed around claiming that Jesus literally named Barack Obama as the Anti-Christ. But if you have you'll learn with further investigation the wisdom of Proverbs 18:17:
"The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him."
If you do choose to watch the video for yourself you'll see a fairly good example of what trouble can arise when a strong presupposition/predetermined bias meets a Strong's Concordance. The English speaking world has many first rate scholars of the original Biblical languages. We need to recognize our limitations and not wade in over our heads into things we really do not understand and will never understand without undertaking years of intensive and focused study. Let the experts be the experts that God has called them to be. Let them be the ones to sound such alarms - if indeed there is something hidden in the original languages that should alarm us.


Those of us who are Christians bear a heavy responsibility to speak only the truth, and then to speak it only in love. Let us never be found guilty of slander, libel, or rumor-mongering, not even in the interests of our political views . Please remember, if people hear us spreading lies and misinformation in worldly matters they will have no reason to listen or believe us when we try to speak to them of heavenly ones. We must not let our political behavior discredit our witness to the Gospel of truth.

Here is a great resource for checking to see if that bit of info you're considering passing on to others is truthful, or if in fact it might be slanderous or libelous. This site, from The Annenberg Public Policy Center, examines the truthfulness of the claims of those to the left AND the right of the political spectrum.


It's very easy to get so caught up in our day to day lives, our personal stories, and our national dramas, that we forget there are entire nations, millions upon millions of human beings created in the image of God, right now undergoing unimaginable suffering with little or no hope for help from their own governments or anyone else's. Here is one such story, this one from the Democratic Republic of Congo (may we remember them in our prayers): The world's most depressing story.


If you've followed my links thus far, you are no doubt ready for some words of hope, comfort and encouragement. And I've got just the thing.

In Christ Alone...

(Thanks and apologies to whichever of my friends passed this on to me. Thanks for sharing it, apologies that I've forgotten which of you sent it my way.)


And to end on a much lighter note, check out this story (which includes the recipe) of what is reported to be the best pizza ever. Recipes are also provided for the two runners up. Bon Appetit!


Jessica Watson said…
Thanks for the post. We should all remember this advice, as well as the exhortation in Scripture to honor and pray for those in authority, whether we like their political ideologies or not. It is almost humorous when conservative Christians act like it is the end of the world when a Democrat comes into office. Imagine how the Christians felt under Nero during the early church. The interesting thing is that Paul doesn't devote too much time, if any, to the Roman politics of his day. His concern was the gospel, and I see no reason why ours should be any different. Not that we need to ignore political realities and developments, but what needs to come across from our pulpits is the gospel, not politics. God brings the princes of the world to nothing, but He will reign forever!

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