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A survivor story from Africa
"In Tracy Kidder's 2003 book, “Mountains Beyond Mountains” told the story of a doctor’s mission to revolutionize healthcare in Haiti. Kidder profiles another extraordinary man in “Strength in What Remains,” the true story of a man, Deo, who survived the ethnic violence between Burundi and Rwanda and managed to find his way to the United States. He was 24 years old and working at a hospital when the horrors began."
Read more of the story and listen to an interview with author Tracy Kidder here.


"Cordell doesn't look the part of a minister, nor does he want to be one. He's a former body-shop worker who felt God was calling him to missions work."

Read the story of a simple, ordinary man who answered God's call.
(HT to Joshua)


Laugh, cry, take heed...

Please stop for a moment. Read Matthew 25:14-30. Pray.


Barry Wallace said…
Awesome video. Thanks for sharing that, Laurie.

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing!
Simple Mann said…
I couldn't resist putting it on mine either when I saw it. I listened to his book Crazy Love when it was the free download on a month or two ago, and was really impressed with the simple, down-to-earth way he communicates. Despite his simplicity, though, he is also rather challenging... especially to this complacent culture of American comfort. I just posted a Paul Washer video that's a bit more direct and not nearly as humorous, but the point is the same. Thanks Laurie!

Simple Mann

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