Saturday, September 19, 2009

Poisons, Blights and Parasites - It's Saturday Science

I'm a bit late to my science post today; but don't for a minute let that convince you that I'm not absolutely giddy over today's subject matter!

Up first, here's a fun little article. What are the most poisonous things in the world. Some of these answers might just surprise you.

(I apologize for forgetting who the HT goes to on this one. Feel free to name yourself in the comments.)

Now, you've likely heard of the Great Famine in Ireland, more commonly known as the Potato Famine. This famine was cause by a devastating blight on potatoes. The poor of the country were almost entirely dependent upon potatoes for food and millions emigrated to other countries in desperation. What you may not be aware of is that the same blight that destroyed Ireland's potatoes in 1740 is still around and it's right here in America, only this time it's main focus is tomatoes.

You may also listen here to a fascinating discussion about this blight, which will help you recognize the dangers and how to put a stop to it in your own gardens, which, for the sake of the greater good, you really must do.


Finally, take a listen to one of the most fascinating programs I've ever listened to. It's about that irresistible topic - parasites. You will be amazed at the intricacy and interdependence of all life in God's creation. You will have a new respect for the delicate nature of ecosystems and perhaps even a new respect for the teeming ecosystem that is your own body. But first, look at these!:

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