Monday Meanderings - product reviews and Servetus

Sorry, my meanderings this week have been few - well two - to be exact.  But here's what I've got:

First, and rather important to my blogging friends.  If you review books or products on your blog, you need to check out the new FTA disclosure rules for product endorsers.  I don't find them prohibitive.  In fact I think the rules seem to be in the public's best interest; but whatever you think, rules are rules and you can read about them here.


Secondly, if you've ever heard more than three sentences about John Calvin, likely the fourth sentence you heard was: "And you know, he got Michael Servetus burned at the stake don't you?!"

So, if you've never bothered to check out the facts of that story, here's your chance.  This is a brief article which happens to link to several others as well


Jessica Watson said…
Thanks for the link about Servetus and Calvin. I am reading a church history book and I just got to the reformation. I don't think my book gives the story more than a paragraph!

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