Monday Meanderings

 Perhaps you didn't notice, but I completely forgot to post my Meanderings last week, well, either that, or I didn't have enough of a collection.  I don't remember now.  Welcome to my middle-aged mind, or what's left of it.  But here's my collection for today:

This is an excellent post, helpful and succinct, about how to avoid knee-jerk reactions in discussions of faith.  I think this may be one for the refrigerator.

Perhaps you've heard the explanation of hell (intended, I think, to make it seem not as bad, or at least to make sending them more defensible) as a place people choose to go, and would really prefer to heaven - as in "heaven would be hell to such people". Or maybe you've heard the notion that hell is really a place we make for ourselves, by virtue of our own rottenness.  John Piper explains how hell is not the place we wish it was.

Here's a testimony to the power of those prayers prayed in front of abortion clinics: A Planned Parenthood director has had a dramatic change of heart.

 I know there are plenty of folks out there who don't think they need to be Christians, or who even think they are Christians, simply because they are such decent human beings.  But how many of us Christians are replacing being a decent human being with being a Christian?

Words on the sovereignty of God and suffering from a young man with spina bifida.
(HT goes to Noel Piper.)


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