Saturday Science

We'll start with a little music to put you in the mood. Here's They Might Be Giants with their new song Meet the Elements:

I'm trying like crazy to get my hands on their new song about the Sun, in which they retract everything they said about their old song about the Sun. It's clever, honest, and informative. I could get it for you now, but not without also subjecting you to another of their new songs, My Brother the Ape, which, for reasons you can probably guess, I cannot recommend. When I find it singly, you'll find it here.


We're all feeling it - Autumn. The light, the air tell us Summer is past. But we all know that when the fall comes, winter will be coming fast on its heels. And so, I thought I'd set your mind at ease by answering one of your nagging winter questions: Where do bees poop in the winter.

Hope that set your minds at ease.

Now, fall is also the season when "we" prepare our "lawns". Everyone knows, if you want a lovely yard, you must plan ahead. (This explains the condition of mine. I have about 5 years of bulbs in the pantry waiting to be planted, which I never do because if I move someday I'll miss them. I'm not kidding, that's how this mind works. ) This year Paul are considering actually doing that very thing - trying to cultivate our "lawn". Here's a great little interview with some turf experts that might motivate you as well.


WhiteStone said…
That bee poop video was interesting. If I had time and space, I'd like to have honey bees. We like honey.
Laurie M. said…
Judy, I love your hair! You look beautiful.

As for bees, I wouldn't have known this, but I heard something about it on the BBC a few weeks ago. Apparently space is not a big factor in beekeeping. There's a big push for urban beekeeping in London. Folks even keep them on their roofs. Check this out. It may give you some ideas:

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