Saturday Science

If you think the photo above is amazing, to see some of the most beautiful images you can imagine of insects, click here.

(Many thanks to Barry Wallace for this link.)


Planet Talk

So, what's going on with Pluto anyway?  Is it a planet, or isn't it?  Why?  Why not?  Well,  to be fair, I'll provide you with both sides of the story.  (You be fair, too, and listen to both of them...and, if possible, try to leave Disney out of it.)

First, why Pluto is no longer classified as a planet:

Second, why some still think it should be classified as a planet. (Be sure to listen to the audio for the complete explanation.)


Lynn Cross said…
Thanks Laurie for the picts of insects link. It fit "beautifully" along with my blog post. Lynn
rainydaytoys said…
loved the insect pictures. How in the world did he do that.

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