Science Saturday - All Hallows' Eve Edition

First, the obligatory pumpkin video.  May the biggest pumpkin win!

And, in case you were wondering what Martin Luther would think of all this talk about science on his big day - here's a little paper about Luther's views of science.


WhiteStone said…
All I can think of is how difficult it must be to dispose of the rotten carcass once frost has its way. lol
barrywallace said…
It would be a chore to carve a face on one of those things! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Halloween post, Laurie. I agree with you. Happy All Hallow's Eve!!
Laurie M. said…
This is one of the reasons I'm grateful for video. Not unlike space travel, this is the sort of thing I wouldn't do in a million years, but I'm happy to know someone else is doing it. It brings me so much delight to know there is a man on the east coast growing gargantuan pumpkins, and he, and he alone, will have to deal with the carcass. No doubt he'll save a few seeds from that winner for the next generation.

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