Charity and Its Fruits - a brief holiday hiatus

I apologize for the late timing of this announcement, but the decision was only arrived at yesterday morning, and I've been caught up in a flurry of activity since.  Yesterday morning found the hostess of our meeting sick in bed and my own mother in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.  Another of our Chico group has, within the last week, given birth to a first-born son. Under the circumstances and with Christmas just around the corner, I've decided to put our study on hold until the first Monday of the New Year.  Lord willing things will have settled a bit so that we can once again focus on our reading.  My apologies for those following along on-line, but I must consider the ladies in my own fellowship of first priority in these decisions.  Accept my thanks in advance for your patience.


Lisa notes... said…
You are so kind to offer apologies. You're definitely making the right decision; so many things going on in your world there. The hiatus will give me more time to read slower and let it all soak in anyway.

I'll be praying for your mom!Take care of yourself, too, as you take care of her.

Estelle said…
Totally in agreement with Lisa, Laurie.

You don't need any extra pressure now, just sensitivity and the prayers for your mom and you and Paul and others on this painful journey. You have a GOOD Shepherd!

Your blogs are wonderfully rich in truths, so that extra time will only be a good thing.
Love you,

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