It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... at Casa Mathers.

Here's our little "count the days to Christmas thingy", which always tugs a bit at my heart.  Each time I move an ornament from the sky to the tree, I miss the little hands and voices of children begging for it to be their turn to do it.

Here's the MagnifiCat, Mango, sitting in front of the stockings all hung on the bookcase with care. (This is the Paul Mathers family we're talking about here!)

Here are the curtains I just hung in the room that, Lord willing, will be transformed into a dining room by next holiday season, so we can host feasts again. Oh, and you can catch a little peek, over there to the right, of the offensive wallpaper you may have heard us decrying these past three years. (To the left you can see I've finally begun peeling it away.)

And, finally, here's our tree. The fabric draped behind it is to cover, you guessed it, the hallucinogen inspired southwestern wallpaper.



It is looking most festive, and portends of a great coming feast, and celebration.
jeri said…
I like your tree, Laurie, what kind is it? We don't have such trees here in Alabama... we have to import them if we hope to hang ornaments and lights on them since our pines don't support much weight on their branches. The Fraser (sp?) fir seems to be the tree of choice these days.

Anyway, your house looks lovely indeed. I've hung stockings on a bookcase before! Merry Christmas to you and Paul, the cats and dogs and children.
Laurie M. said…
Thanks Jeri.
That tree is known as a Silvertip. They only grow at fairly high elevations, and are usually out of our price range. This year, however, for some reason they were very affordable. I'm also fond of the Noble firs, which are layered a bit like this, but thicker and a deeper green. They, too, tend to be expensive. I didn't even look around this year. I spent less than 60 seconds picking this tree. It was just the right width at the base for that corner, and tall enough to suit me.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, Jeri. I'm missing our little chats.

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