Saturday, January 9, 2010

Science Saturday - cold snap edition

'Tis the season for snowflakes.

Here's some some snowflake science, for all my freezing friends...


Who needs magic?

Some science parlor tricks to amaze and befuddle - a bit late for the holiday party season, I know, but this way you'll have all year to practice for next year's.


Twitter's usefulness continues to surprise me

Who'd have predicted this? Scientists are finding Twitter a surprisingly useful resource in the study of earthquakes.


Mapping Mercury

"The most complete and most detailed atlas of Mercury has been assembled.  It is only now thanks to the Messenger spacecraft that researchers have the imagery necessary to construct a truly global map of the innermost planet...."


Amazing video of undersea volcanic eruption

"Amazing video has been obtained in the Pacific Ocean of the deepest undersea eruption ever recorded. The pictures show lavas bursting into the water at the West Mata submarine volcano, which is sited about 200km (125 miles) south-west of the Samoas...."
Underwater volcano video:


Falling iguanas?

Who'd have ever thought an urban legend could involve iguanas...or is it a legend?  Do iguanas really fall from the trees in freezing weather?  Check out the video here and here.


Karin said...

Totally cool stuff! What a wonderful Creator we have!

rainydaytoys said...

Loved the snowflakes and the science party tricks. You didn't so them to Paul did you? He may change the readers group to the reexperiment group. Which, come to think of it, might be more fun.

Gordon and Estelle Lobban said...

So interesting! Going to ask little Josie to bring her magnifying glass tomorrow: won't be able to check flakes, but maybe patterns in the snow. Want to try to 2 matchsticks & coin and £5 note tomorrow. If our place catches fire - we'll know where to send the bill!!
The volcano: an awesome picture of power - which gives us a healthy respect for nature and for our God. Thx Laurie!