Saturday, January 30, 2010

Science Saturday

Ambidextrous children and their unique mental challenges.

"Children who write with both hands are more likely to struggle in school and have hyperactivity disorder symptoms, research suggests."

As a person who writes and eats left-handed, but does everything else right-handed, this story caught my eye. Read about the study here.

Never Forgetting a Face

What if you could never forget a face?
Or what if you could never remember one?

You may not have been aware of it, but each of these is the experience of two very different groups of individuals. Read about these conditions, and how the existence of one, may shed light on the that of the others in this remarkable story.
Emotional signals cross cultures 

"People are able to recognise negative sounds, like expressions of disgust, across cultures, say scientists."

Read about this fascinating research here.

Autism and the humane treatment of animals

This is one fantastic interview If you haven't heard of Temple Grandin, or if you have, take a listen to this amazing lady discuss her life with autism, how her visual way of thinking has put the soul back into the beef industry, and how people with autism have the potential to contribute greatly to society.


The Mystery Of The Celibate Rotifer

"Most asexual animals are doomed to extinction. Reporting in the journal Science, Paul Sherman and Chris Wilson explain the extraordinary adaptations that allow rotifers to thrive sex-free."

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