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What makes a sociopath tick?
"Scientists have long known what psychopaths lack: emotions like empathy, fear and remorse. Now, a new study focuses on what they may have, a brain abnormality that may lead them to seek rewards like money, sex or fame at any cost."
Read more of the story here.  And please don't skip the interview.  It's fascinating stuff.


Just for the delight of it...
Here's something you will almost never see here: a TV commercial.  But this one is so whimsical and lovely I just couldn't let it pass without sharing it.


A Religious War as Old as Christianity Itself

"Who do you say that I am?" asked Jesus of his disciples. And the rest of humankind has been struggling to answer that question ever since."

More thoughts on the "Jesus Wars" here


Think you're great at multi-tasking? Think again.
(and while you're at it, put down that cell phone!)

"A new study from University of Utah psychologists found a small group of people with an extraordinary ability to multitask: Unlike 97.5 percent of those studied, they can safely drive while chatting on a cell phone."  Read more here.


One for the LOST fans

"Religion took center stage in the March 23 episode of the ABC television series Lost, “Ab Aeterno.” And that shouldn’t be a surprise, Butler University Associate Professor of Religion James McGrath said, because religion has always been part of the show’s journey."  Read the rest here.


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